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EP13-20(C)PN(T) - Our services
EP13-20(C)PN(T) Our services
Interview - Peter Barker
DP/GP40-55N INT1 Peter Barker
Cat Lift Trucks 2:43
Interview - Ad Kornet
DP/GP40-55N INT2 Ad Kornet
Crepa 0:38
Interview - Remke van Ommeren
DP/GP40-55N INT3 Remke van Ommeren
Crepa 2:20
Interview - Tjeerd Koppenol
DP/GP40-55N INT4 Tjeerd Koppenol
Crepa 0:51
MSC Port of Valencia - Driver interview
MSC Port of ValenciaDriver interview 1:01
Interview at Berge Logistica - Valencia
Berge Logistica Valencia 4:16
Sapemi - Valencia - Driver interview
Sapemi - Valencia Driver interview 0:59

Product & Applications

These lift trucks are designed for heavy-duty applications including paper handling, ports (stevedoring), construction, freight, metal and brickyards.

With exceptional endurance and power they handle the most difficult and heavy loads effortlessly, even when operating at full capacity. The completely upgraded and extended range now includes a 5.5t model, particularly useful inthe paper industry.